How it works

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How it works

We work with leading local industry bodies, universities and organisations to increase the level of national and international association conferences being held in the region. Ambassadors of this network will receive FREE support and advice to attract conferences and events of any size and nature to the area.

We have a wealth of in-depth local and regional knowledge.  Not only can we offer you quick access to rates and availability (discount on flights, hotels and restaurants), but we know our venues inside out.  Whether you require a small boardroom for 30 people or an arena for 5000 delegates, we can provide a stress-free way to pinpoint your perfect venue.

Your part

Our Ambassadors have a key role to play in identifying conferences which could potentially be hosted in the city and using their contacts and influence to assist us with securing the event.

The practical role of each ambassador will vary depending on their involvement. What is the same across all Ambassadors is that they are all recognised as key leaders for Aberdeen.

Our part

We take care of the following:

  • Bid Research

  • Venue Finding

  • Marketing Support

  • Civic Reception

  • Delegate Discount

  • Conference Planning Service